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Sep 12 - Shoebox Units

Developers are highly adaptive. When land prices surged, shoebox made its way to the OCR to balance the equation. With the latest intervention from the authority, the market eagerly anticipates the next 'paradigm shift' for the OCR.


Esparina Residences

Aug 12 - Delving Deep into ECs

Executive Condominiums (ECs), widely considered to be private properties at a discount, are not exactly the same as private properties if construction cost is anything to go by. In this issue, we look at various aspects of the hybrid segment that have never been looked at.


Reflections at Keppel Bay

Jul 12 - Highly Profitable

Private residential property owners pocketed at least $20.3b in gross profits since the property market recovered in 2H2009, based on caveats lodged. The actual figure is likely to be higher as we could only match 80% of the caveats in the secondary market and we did not include gains from collective sales, which had a total estimated sales value of over $5.5b in the same period, from 2H2009 to 1H2012. Much of these profits presumably found their way back to the property market, fueling developer sales to more than $60.1b in the same period, based on caveats lodged.


St Regis Residences Singapore

Jun 12 - The Worst Performer

The property market experienced one of its best performing 5-year periods from 1Q 2007 to 1Q 2012. One project defies all odds and leave buyers who bought in 2007 in the red. But there is more to it than just past price performance.



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