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Break Down - Commercial

Details of the project are not disclosed.
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Note: The following list of projects achieved a new low in the last 6 months in terms of price $psf. The list includes only projects that have been in the market for at least 1 year.
Source: URA, https://www.squarefoot.com.sg
Date District  Project Name  Address Property
Tenure Area
(sq ft)
30 Oct 2018 12 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Shop 63 Yrs FROM 2012 248 2,204 545,600
16 Oct 2018 10 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Shop 99 Yrs FROM 2010 1,367 1,536 2,100,000
11 Sep 2018 19 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Shop 99 Yrs FROM 2015 420 4,718 1,980,740
16 Jul 2018 21 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Shop Freehold 1,098 3,921 4,304,880
16 Jul 2018 4 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Shop 99 Yrs FROM 2009 570 1,455 830,000
6 Jun 2018 15 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Shop Freehold 398 1,883 750,000
18 May 2018 2 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Office 99 Yrs FROM 2011 441 2,329 1,028,000


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