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We are an independent property research firm based in Singapore. We are not affiliated to, and therefore have no parent, sister or subsidiary companies that are in the property sales business. While property transaction information are generally available, they are fragmented across various sources and are often not immediately useful (any meaningful analysis requires a fair amount of data crunching). We are of the view that by organising and structuring property transaction information in an easy-to-consume format, it improves the overall clarify and researchability of the property market and dramatically cuts down individual's resources required to put together a research piece. We currently serve over 12,000 users from various professions, ranging from developers, consultancies, architects, real estate salespersons and investors. Our website is well-favoured for its unconventional yet intuitive approach to property research. Many of its features, such as Tower View, have been the first of its kind in the market.

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Frequently asked questions

 Account related

Q. I have just registered and received the account activation email but when I click on the activation link, an error saying the activation code is invalid, what should I do?
A: This happens when the link has been (accidentally) clicked more than once. It is likely that your account has already been activated. Please try logging in with your username and password. If you still encounter difficulty, please contact us at +65 - 6970 7793.
Q. I do not remember my username, how can I recover it?
A: When you registered with the website, there was a notification email sent to you with your username and password. You may refer to that email. Alternatively, you may use our username reminder service available here.
Q. I forgot my password, how can I recover it?
A: As a security measure, we do not store your password in plain text. When you registered with the website, there was a notification email sent to you with your username and password. You may refer to that email. Alternatively, you may use our password reset service available here.
Q. I tried to reset my password but the system says "user not found".
A. Please double check that you entered your username and the exact verification code sent to you.
Q. How can I change my user details?
A. You are free to change your name and password by using the Edit Profile link at the top right hand corner, or here. If you wish to change your username or email, please contact us at +65 - 6970 7793.
Q. How do I subscribe to your services and what are the different packages you offer?
A. We offer 1 type of subscription package only and it includes all data on the website. You can learn about the differences for subscribers, as well as subscribing, here.
Q. Are there any limitations to the number of views or downloads if I subscribe?
A. There are no limitations. However, we constantly monitor for abuse of account. If an account is found to make excessive data requests (such as via an automated script), we will not hesitate to terminate the account with no refund.
Q. Why do I get an error message saying there are multiple log-ins?
A. The system allows only one active log-in at any point in time. You are seeing this error message possibly because you did not log out from your previous session, which will time out in 30 minutes. To avoid such error, please ensure that you end your session properly by logging out each time after use.
Q. I am a subscriber, how do I download and use your Apps?
A. On Android devices, please search for Square Foot in Play Store. On iPhone, please search for Square Foot in App Store. On iPad, please search for Square Foot HD in App Store. Once you download the App, toggle the left-hand menu and sign in using the same credentials as the website.

 Data related

Q. How do I look up for transactions?
A. You may look up for transactions based on Project Name or Street Name. Please use the top navigation menu and go to Trends and Analysis, then choose HDB, Non-Landed Residential, Landed Residential or Commercial / Industrial.
Q. I cannot find the transactions I am looking for, what should I do?
A1. Please double check the spelling and try to use partial keywords instead of spelling out in full, this will eliminate mismatches due to additional blank spaces such as 8@Woodleigh versus 8 @ Woodleigh or incorrect spelling such as Horizon Tower versus Horizon Towers. In these cases, you will find the project using partial keywords such as "Woodleigh" and "Horizon", respectively.
A2. If the transaction you are looking for does not have a project name (for example landed units that do not have an estate name, private shop houses, landed factories etc), search for the street name and click on the result that says [Street Name] All landed / commercial / industrial properties along this street.
Q. Do you provide product training?
A. We conduct regular product training. Please stay connected with us by liking our Facebook page.
Q. I have suggestions / feedback that will improve your website.
A. Feel free to drop us any suggestions / feedback that you may have, our website has evolved over the years thanks to generous feedback from our users. Contact us at +65 - 6970 7793.


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