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Getting started

We offer a set of HTTP-based API that enables any website to embed widgets displaying our property market information. The widget is configurable through a simple set of parameters documented below. To try it out, simply use our code generator, then copy and paste the code to your website. As an example, see how we embed our own widgets just below the generated code.

To get started, apply for an access token. You will need a token for each domain and subdomain (property.exampleurl.com and www.exampleurl.com will require two separate access tokens). As we are still in the testing phase, you are welcome to use the API for free. However, we may choose to charge a subscription fee in the future.

Code Generator

Parameter Values Key Value
Task task
Property Name name
Property Type type
Property Subtype subtype
Project Information Enabled: summary
Sales Transactions Enabled: transaction
Price Chart Enabled: pricechart
Price Range Chart Enabled: rangechart
Rental Transactions Enabled: rental
Nearby Projects Enabled: Show Charts: Radius:
Custom Projects (Separate by comma):
Nearby Amenities Enabled: List Amenities: Radius:
Location Map Enabled: map

Preset Scenarios


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