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536 Upper Cross Street

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Central Area



Street Name

Upper Cross Street

Postal Code



99 Yrs From 1981

Number of units

114 units of 3-room flats, and 8 units of 5-room flats

Indicative Prices*

3-room: $442,500

Indicative Rents*

3-room: $2,300

Note: *Based on transactions in the last 6 months.


Transaction Prices, Rents, Trends and Analysis

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Average prices and monthly rents of nearby properties

Price and rental comparison (Up to 50)

Note: Excludes properties with no transactions in the past 6 months. *Prices and rentals are based on data in the past 6 months.
Source: HDB, http://www.squarefoot.com.sg
Marker Project Lease
Room Type Average Size
($ pm)
($ pm)
($ pm)
536 Upper Cross Street 1981 0 3-room 62 435,000 442,500 450,000 2,300 2,300 2,300
535 Upper Cross Street 1980 78 3-room 62 451,000 451,000 451,000 2,000 2,230 2,400
532 Upper Cross Street 1980 94 3-room 63 432,000 432,000 432,000 2,200 2,325 2,450
335B Smith Street 1984 376 4-room 84 670,000 670,000 670,000 2,800 2,850 2,900
34 Upper Cross Street 1975 395 3-room 65 370,000 375,000 380,000 2,100 2,233 2,300
335A Smith Street 1984 425 3-room 62 388,000 388,000 388,000 1,900 1,900 1,900
4 Sago Lane 1974 459 3-room 70 380,000 471,000 523,000 1,950 2,183 2,450

Location of Nearby Properties

Source: http://www.squarefoot.com.sg


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