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This big crossover draws certain styling payday loans no credit check from the VOW ('Venucia Over Wonder') concept from April 2015's Shanghai motor show. The T90 is based upon the Nissan Murano. Having premiered at the Beijing motor show in April 2016, it went on sale in China during December 2016. Sales amassed by the end of September numbered some 39,000 units. With registrations of just over 31,000 vehicles, the T70 and T70X are Venucia's combined number two best sellers. These models are manufactured at a plant in Dalian and are based upon the Nissan X-Trail built between 2007 and 2015.

The car's premiere was at November 2014's Guangzhou motor show. The T70 went on sale in China in January 2015. The T70X is a slightly modified T70. It has raised suspension and some extra plastic around its wheelarches. The T70X's world premiere was at the Chengdu motor show in September 2015. Both T70 and T70X are due to be facelifted in 2018. Venucia's most recently arrived model is the M50V, a compact minivan. Its premiere payday loans no credit check at April payday loan online 2017's Shanghai motor show, sales in China commencing immediately.

Since then, it has racked up slightly more than 9,000 registrations. Prior to the arrival of the M50V, all Venucia models used Renault-Nissan Alliance architectures. This vehicle, however, is based on one of Dongfeng Motor's own platforms. This model is based upon the Dongfeng Fengxing Jingyi (Joyear) X5. A mid-cycle restyle should hit the market in 2020, with the Fengxing SX6 replacement then due in 2023. The Venucia which sells in the smallest numbers is the e30.

This electric C segment hatchback is the old shape Nissan Leaf with a modified interior, a new name and some minor exterior changes. The E30 will likely be made at the Dalian plant for only another year to 18 months, at which point it should be succeeded by a restyled version of the second generation Leaf.

Recently, DFM decided to take the Junfeng model name and turn it into a new brand for electric cars. The Junfeng ER30 was the first model. Dongfeng Motor is expected to add the E17, another EV for the Junfeng brand, in 2018. Some say Junfeng exists so that DFM can please the central government and gain subsidies for the production of small numbers of so-called New Energy Vehicles.

However, the Junfeng ER30 has been selling at a moderate pace. Certainly, its 995 registrations in September and 3,895 for the year to date compare more than favourably to another of DFM's EVs, the Fengshan E30L (not to be confused with the Venucia e30). Just two of these little cars, which are not dissimilar to the Renault Twizy, were sold in September.

Dongfeng and Renault are planning to build an electric C segment sedan based on the Fluence Z. Jacques Daniel, CEO of DRAC, confirmed: ''This EV agreement illustrates Renault's engagement as partner of COP 21. This means that only a few thousand of these cars will be assembled each year. The model will be put together from kits supplied by Renault Samsung's Busan plant.

Assembly is due to commence in December. This will be the payday loan online third of the nine cars which Renault told the media in October that it plans to be making in China. There will be three EVs, so that leaves a further two electric vehicles which are yet to be announced: one will be a Kwid EV and the other could be the current or next Zoe or else a Captur Z. As noted above, the DRAC joint venture has been tasked with building and selling 400,000 vehicles a year by 2022, which is also the timeframe for the range of nine models.

Some 150,000 units of that total is taken up by the combined output of the Kadjar and Koleos, which are selling at higher than expected levels.

Dongfeng is said to be planning to add yet another model to its range of C segment SUVs. The Fengdu MX5 was the second SUV for Dongfeng's Fengdu sub brand, the MX6 having been the first.

The Fengdu MX5 is based on the Dongfeng Fengshen AX7, another compact SUV. Its debut was at the Chengdu motor show in September 2016. Its life cycle should be seven years, so expect a facelift in mid-2020 and a successor in early 2024. The larger Fengdu MX6 went on sale in April 2015. It is closely based on a former generation Nissan X-Trail and built by the Zhengzhou Nissan joint venture. Prototypes look similar to the former X-Trail but the production model has a bespoke grille, headlights and bumpers.

The MX6 was the first vehicle for Dongfeng's Fengdu sub-brand. A facelifted MX6 should be released in late 2018. The replacement model is due in 2022.

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